Your Arrival

Darline’s Arrival

You and I are over 9 years apart in age, so when I moved out of our childhood home you were about 7. We never had a lot of time together as children, but I have been so grateful that we have had an opportunity to make up for that over the years.
I moved to Arizona in 1982 and you moved out with her beautiful, three year old daughter, Ashley about five years later. You were a young single Mom and had the courage to pack it all up from Michigan on your own and start a new life. I will always feel so grateful that I may have had a little something to do with you meeting the most wonderful husband ever – “Your Mike”. And, our precious Cassie would follow to bring our family Sooo Much Joy.
I worked at a place cocktailing and serving called the “Hungry Hunter” and was able to help you get a position there as well. The Hungry Hunter was a blast. Mike’s cousin Rick and his wife Pam had an amazing band there, it was such a fun environment, we all made great money and formed so many wonderful friendships. And, YOU, met your Man – “Our Mike” – “YOUR Love”. I thought I was such a “Hot Shot” there, of course All the Men Loved Me and Yes, the Women too!!!! They all Loved me so Much that they were so welcoming to you,my little sister….I was SO Popular—I would lead the way for my little sister. Everyone referred to you as “Lynn’s sister, and of course you would build your reputation on that legacy.
I continued working at the Hungry Hunter as a second job for quite some time, as my career in property management was progressing. I was finally making enough money that I could stop working two jobs and had left the Hungry Hunter. I had had so many wonderful years there, I think I was a Legend in my Own Mind – I had left my mark at the Hungry Hunter and it would be there forever!
Sometime later, after diving into my property management career, I decided to hang out at the Hunter and party on a Saturday night. I so missed the band and all the familiar songs I had learned to Love so much, I missed all the regulars, the employee’s and the disfunction and drama that came with all of them. I was so happy to be back on My stomping grounds and with MY people. The only difference was—-Everyone kept referring to me as “DARLINE’S SISTER”!!!!!
You had made your own mark, as you always do and it was All on your own, you have never needed anyone to help you find your way, you made your own way and you will let you know if you need me to get out of it…….you truly believe in yourself and little sister, you have taught me to believe more in myself through your beautiful example.

Darline you have always had such a Big Personality, full of light and Love and Yes—Full of a vigor most of us could only dream to have the courage to portray. You are my little sister, but you have such a Big, Wonderful Presence in the world and I am honored to call you my sister. I am so grateful that you had the courage to pick up your little three year old, travel across the country, start over and let me be one of the Lucky Ones to share their life with YOU!

I Love YOU!