The Plummit


When I think about the two years I spent at The Summit; I smile. Don’t get me wrong, while I was there, I had to deal with the lack of financing, a rental cap, Urban Commons drama, etc…but that is never what comes to mind when I think about The Summit. Instead, I remember all of the FUN and a really good friend: YOU! I will never forget “that don’t look like no medicine, and you don’t look like no doctor”, Santa Ed, you singing “All about the Base” & “Raspberry Baret”, all of the take out food I made everyone order (especially the Chinese food), watching countless YouTube videos in your office, your email to the residents about peeing in the hot tub, you giving me chocolates from under your desk when the candy in the lobby was shitty, and of course playing private detective when someone peed in a common area or pulled a fire alarm. You are soooo much fun, and I am so lucky I got to spend two years with you at The Summit! While you made me laugh daily, you are also an amazing friend…your door was always open to listen to my dating drama, to critique a maid of honor speech, to cheer when I got engaged/found out I was pregnant, and of course, to help me cope when Bruce got sick.

On another note, it was AWESOME working with you; you are hands down the best property manager I have ever known…you are assertive when you need to be, a good listener, SMART, fair, honest, & genuine! The Summit is lucky to have you! You are an asset to the building, and they should pay you all the money in the world to keep you happy 🙂

For the next 50 years, I wish you nothing but happiness, love and lots of laughter. You deserve all three to the moon an back!! Happy Birthday, Darline!!!! (I can only hope I look as good as you when I reach the magic 50).

Love you,