Best trip ever!!

No matter how long we go without seeing each other we can get together and pick up right from when we were younger moving out of state together with no plans, just us sharing a cheeseburger listening to our Dolly […]

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to my favorite person ever.. who is beautiful, amazing, and much more. I hope you have a wonderful birthday because you deserve it for how hard you work and how loving you are. You are the best mom […]


To one of the kindest, sweetest, most Genuine people I know! Hope your 50th, and every year beyond, is a special loved filled journey filled with the greatest of blessings! Enjoy your special day special girl!!! Alison

To My Daughter

Daughter, Happy Birthday. I am so proud of you over these last 50 years. My children continue to remind me how blessed I am year by year. You are not only a great mother, but good friend, loving wife and an […]


Colleen, I just wanted to say a few things because I don’t tell you things all the time but I should. Not all kids that are given step parents are lucky enough to have one that cares so much for […]