Happy Big Five O birthday little sister! Watching my girls grow up brings back so many memories from when we were young siblings and rivals. Thank god they don’t share a room like we did for so many years, they’d likely kill each other, lol. I feel the need to apologize once again for being such a biatch growing up, lol…sorry again…don’t tell anyone but you’re my favorite sister 🤫. I keep telling Natalie and Lauren even though they hate each other much of the time now, they’re going to love each other when they grow up; just like me an Aunt Dar 💕

I love your energy and passion, you truly light up a room with your enthusiasm and humor…it’s infectious! I always have so much fun and cherish time with you, unless you get drunk and start crying…then you’re not that fun, lol! But hey, ANYTIME you need a good cry I’m hear to listen and tell you it’s going to be ok, because you’re my sister and I love you!

Welcome to the fab 50’s club and the next half century of your life journey. I wish for you peace, happiness and contentment; you deserve it!

I Love you to infinity and beyond..your big sissy and biggest fan,
Mich 💕