Miss Colleen

Miss Colleen,

Happy 5oth Birthday! You are such a bright light in my life. Thank you for always being a second mom to me. I have come to you throughout the years with so much, and you’ve been supportive, understanding, accepting, and loving through everything. I am so grateful that you and mom have remained friends all of these years. I don’t know what I would do with my Miss Colleen.

It’s something really special to have incredible, inspiring, and independent women to live and lead by example. Shawna and I have been blessed with that our entire lives. Two badass moms that have handled so much hand in hand, and come out stronger on the other end. Today, Shawna and I are able to walk into our adult lives with our heads high and faith strong as we take on our own journeys.

You deserve all of the celebration this year, and every year. Thank you for everything that you are and have done for me this far in life. I will never stop thanking God for your constant love and support.

Miss Colleen, you’re like a fine wine. Keep getting better with age!

Love you forever,