Hidden Treasures


You have filled a plethora of roles within my life, my children’s lives and my husbands life! I truly believe you were sent by god to be my mother on earth…and BOY HAVE I BEEN BLESSED WITH FAVOR!
I can not begin to thank you enough for all the kind, caring, and even the rough moments we have experienced and grown through together.
I still don’t know why I have been blessed so greatly but I wont question him on why lol. Your heart is truly pure and there are not very many people who can say they have a mother given to them on earth who would mentor them during tough times, celebrate victories gained, childbirth, marriage, new careers and more.
From out chips and salsa binge addictions, to our odd kitchen pantry revelations, I can say I am truly blessed to watch you celebrate such an amazing age! YOU WOMAN, OWN 50 WITH CLASS AND THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH! OWWW!
Like jade says, you look like your in your early 20’s 🙂 Keep rocking the hell out of life and keep inspiring those you have touched beyond words. I Love you and thank you, thank you FOR BEING YOU!
LOVE, The hott-mess and modern Brady Bunch
Paige, Ben, Jade and Zeplyn (PBJ’z)