Happy Birthday Dear Friend


Hello Colleen!!! Ron and I are lucky to have you and Braun as friends. We love how genuine you both are.

It is so awesome to have the opportunity to celebrate your milestone birthday of 50 years with you!!! Although we may need to see some proof of this number since you don’t look a day over 30!! You are truly one of the most kind and selfless people I know. My life is better for knowing you and having you as a dear friend. I am so glad you reached out and invited me along for the trip to Los Angeles a few years back. We became closer friends during those few days away. It was great to be able to go do that with you. I also love all the times we have been able to meet up for hikes, lunches, Orangetheory, double date dinners, Halloween parties, and everything in between!! I cherish our friendship and I honestly love you as a person. This world needs more people like you!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
We love you.