Happy 50th Beautiful Best Friend!!

Man we’ve been through a lot of life together!! 35 life years to be exact! I couldn’t imagine doing life without you.

I Love You For So Many Things Like:

The way you know me…the Good, Bad and Ugly 😉
The way you can make me belly laugh until I cry.
The way you hold me when I cry.
The way you continue to love me through all my crazy ways.
The way I know I can count on you anytime of the day or night.
The way our families are so close.
The way you don’t let anything or anyone get in your way when you feel strongly about something important.
Your Loving, Giving and Forgiving Heart.
Your Amazing Smile and Laugh.
Your Free Spirit!
And, we can’t forget your Groovy Dance Moves :), and Goshh, there’s so much more…

Thank you for all the wonderful memories Dar. I hold them all close to my heart, and will cherish our friendship to the end of time. ♥ I love we get to celebrate our birthdays together each year, especially our special ones 🙂

And Don’t Forget…You’ll always be my Thelma and my Monica, and I’ll always be your Louise and your Rachel ♥ And together we will always be DARLEN (probably screwed the spelling up on that…LOL)

I’ll Always Love You to The Moon & Back♥

Your Friend Forever & Always,