From the Time We Were “Thrown Together”

Well, Little Sister, it’s just about time to welcome you to “the club”. Like everything else in your life, I’m sure you’ll take it all in stride. I’m just thinking back to when we fist met. You had your arm (or was it your wrist?) in a cast. I didn’t know you, you didn’t know me, but apparently we were more or less going to know each other for the rest of our lives. We weren’t very “warm” towards each other at first….I think you were more interested in being with your own friends, than your mom’s boyfriend’s kid….it took time, like many things do, but I love you & wouldn’t trade you for anything (except meeting Luke Bryan!!! Adios Sis’!!! Just kidding!!! LOL)!! From that first day, ’til now, always & forever, you’ll be….ALFALFA in my heart!!! LOL!!! Have a great 50th Birthday (bring me a spoon). Sorry I don’t have any pictures of us to upload. I do have one from our 1st visit to trip AZ, but I didn’t think uploading your butt would be too complimentary!! LMAO (pun intended!!) Love you Sis’. Laura xoxoxo