You’re Awesome!!!

Darline, You are awesome! Truly, you’re an awesome, fun, caring person. I have enjoyed spending time with you through the years. Your laugh is infectious and I can’t help but smile whenever I think of you. I love that we […]

Your Arrival

Darline’s Arrival You and I are over 9 years apart in age, so when I moved out of our childhood home you were about 7. We never had a lot of time together as children, but I have been so grateful that […]

My kind of crazy

To say it’s been a pleasure being friends is an understatement. You are one of a kind and as I sit here to write I find myself giggling. You bring so much joy to my life. Your sas and strong […]

My Beautiful daughter Darline

Yes, beautiful inside and out… Smart; a talented home decorator; a good cook, and a FANTASTIC PARTY PLANNER!!! Memories… April 29, 1994 was her step-father’s 50th Birthday and we received an invitation to attend a party at the Castellaneta’s Home. […]