Best ftiend

Dear Beautiful Friend Colleen,

Where do I begin when describing what you mean to me? You have been my north star for 35 years. Whenever I need you, no matter what you’re doing, I know you’ll make the time for me. Your level of compassion and kindness is rare in this world, and I’m extremely grateful for your friendship. When I look back at the best of times in my life, you’re in pretty much every single memory. We’ve had so many hilarious moments where we laughed and laughed so hard, I went through an entire box of tissues! The fact you actually kept a box of Kleenex in your car when we were kids, because I cry every time I laugh and of all the hilarious moments we shared, is one of those little things you do that make you so special.

Thank you for all the amazing memories, and for always being there for me. I love you with all my heart and am incredibly proud to call you my best friend!

To another 35+ years of friendship!

Happy Fabulous 50th Birthday Colleen!